The Running Diaries: Hitting Mile 5 and High Heels

So…I didn’t hit mile 5 well. I more limped there. 4 miles, no problem. 5 miles? Tight tedons and muscles struck.

I am a high heel junkie. There, I said it.

Side View

Side View

Jacket on Side view.jpg

Front View .jpg

And I have pictures to prove it.

This translates into tight calves and tendons, even before starting to run. Specifically the Achilles. I can’t say for sure if that’s the tight tendon causing me trouble at the moment on my left lower calf, but regardless, one of them is, and I can only blame my addiction to high heals and my lack of stretching.

Funny enough, as I was limping around, wondering what I did wrong, (no, not wondering, I knew. I said it last week. I need to stretch more) I was tagged on a link to Runner’s World from the fabulous Ashley Lebrecht, my favorite Fitness Trainer and author of these amazing at home workouts:

A Total Body Circuit At Home Workout 

Sun’s Out, Guns Out: An Upper Body and Cardio At Home Workout

Strength Training for Runners (and Anyone Who’s Like Amazing Legs) 

The upshot of the Runner’s World article: If you’re a new runner, like myself, you need to be strong (check, I got that down via HIIT, including Ashley’s butt kicking Tabata class and her at-home workouts) and you need to stretch, especially the calves and tendons on the lower legs.

With that in mind…

Here’s a Sequence of Stretches for your Calves and Achilles Tendon for Your

Post Run Stretching

Calf-Stretch Pic for Runners

Now I just need to take my own advice and do these, after every workout and every run. Otherwise I fear mile 6 and beyond may never come. And that just isn’t OK with me.

As far as my other goals, YES on more water, KIND OF on crackers and cheese, and NO on the BOB stroller.

Upshot? I need to stretch. And find a BOB. I’m OK with just cutting back on crackers and cheese.

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