My Services and Pricing

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About Olivia: 

I hold a M.Ed. In Early Childhood Education, a career path that led me to work as a full time nanny and house manager for families. Having run many households with children, including my own, I am more than aware of the great effort put in day in and day out by those doing this demanding work. A little customized help from a knowledgeable source can go a long way in easing the job and making life better for everyone!

For the past three years I have worked as a beauty and style consultant, helping women to look and feel their best from face to toe! (I’m not all that great with hair, but I can recommend some people who are amazing and lead you in the right direction!) My specialization has become busy moms in transition, those either going back to work or becoming full time stay at home moms, and each and every time of transition in between.

As a military wife I move around quite a bit, and up until now have worked by word of mouth. I decided this year to “take it on the road” as it were and come up with a way to offer my services to those all over via easy to follow, and most importantly, customized meal plans, organization ideas, and beauty and styling.

Email me at with any questions!

Meal Planning ($5 a day’s worth of meals, or $28 for a week)

Eating healthy, home cooked meals made with real food isn’t out of your reach. All too often we try to change our lives around a one size fits all meal plan or meal planning guide with great intentions only to go back to take out and boxed foods. Rather than fit your life around someone else’s, let me customize a meal plan of healthy foods you’ll actually use and like because it will be based on your preferences. I take into account your schedule, time, diet, taste, food allergies, portions, likes and dislikes, and any other special considerations and compile easy to use recipes with meal prep ideas to help you cut down on cooking time. We’ll work together to come up with a meal planning guide that works for you and your family.


You only have on average 10 seconds to make a first impression. Within four minutes of meeting someone they’ve decided, based on your appearance and their interactions with you, who you are. Whether it’s a business meeting or an afternoon with the PTA, your personal presentation matters. How we appear to others has a strong factor in affecting our future friendships, relationships, and business opportunities. Are you presenting the best version of you to the outside world? 

To be your best, you have to feel your best, or in other words feel healthy, beautiful and confident. That’s where I come in. Gorgeous and on-trend looks that let your inner beauty and unique style shine through come from customized beauty and style. There is no such thing as one size fits all styling and beauty. Not every woman needs a pencil skirt and a black blazer, and not every woman looks best with a nude lip. Let me show you how you can look amazing while using what you already have and do it while keeping to your budget.

I offer “Face to Toe” styling, from makeup and skin care to personal shopping and a wardrobe makeover with the following services:

Personalized Style Cheat Sheet ($50) 

Style tips and specific clothing items with a picture stye guide based on your body shape, your style preference, your price range and what type of outfits you’re looking for (casual, day wear, work, evening wear, special event).

Styling tips and specific accessory choices to best suit your body type and style preference, with a picture style guide. Shoes and bags included in this list as well. 

Your Best Foundation Color and Type 

Facial and Body Contouring tips 

Eye colors to best suit your coloring and taste 

Lip colors, same 

A list of what cosmetics to keep and what to throw away based on product shelf life and what will be most flattering on you.

A Shopping Guide ($25) Shop on-line or in-store from pieces I have hand picked just for you that match your favorites from your style cheat sheet preferences and that are in your price range.

Wardrobe Makeover ($250) Either in person or via Skype you’ll have my one on one styling services for up to six hours. We will go through your closet with a fine tooth comb, removing items that aren’t flattering or no longer fit your current style. I’ll then come up with outfits complete with accessories from your existing wardrobe. Finally, within three days of us getting together I’ll create an extensive list with recommended items to add based on your specific preferences. If we’re meeting face to face, I will take away the old clothing for you and bring it to your donation center of choice. If you want them to go to a consignment shop that’s all you! Your style cheat sheet and on-line shopping guide are included at no cost in this package, a $75 value.

Personal Shopping ($250) Let me accompany you on your next shopping expedition, for up to 6 hours, to get what pieces you are in need of for your wardrobe. I will take before and after pictures, give professional advice on what pieces, from clothing to accessories, are a best fit for you, including shoes and bags. Your style cheat sheet is included at no cost in this package, a $50 value

Makeup Tutorials ($150) Enjoy a private session of customized color looks, including basic skin care tips, foundation matching, and tutorials on how to apply foundation and color looks, along with guided instruction so you can learn to apply them as well with me there to guide you.

A La Carte Pricing $50 an hour for any of my services

If you don’t live in Suffolk, VA and surrounding areas, I will come to you for a travel fee based on distance.

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