Respect The Play: Activities, Projects and Tips to Keep Little Ones Engaged and Playing


Look Ma, Blue Hands!

A Messy Toddler is the Sign of a Good Day! 


Play is a vital part of infancy and childhood. As adults we hear the word “play” and often think of time off from work to relax and have fun. Play, however, takes on a very different meaning for our little ones. Their play is their work. It is how they learn about their world, discover new ideas and concepts, figure out relationships and patterns that will lead to better understanding movement, language and math. When an infant or child is engaged in play, they are working to explore and learn about the world around them. They are constantly looking for new things to explore and new sensory experiences.

Not gonna lie, keeping up with them can be exhausting! Here you’ll find some art projects, active play and sensory play ideas to keep little ones busy and you less likely to be grasping for ideas on how to occupy your tots.

Sandpaper Alphabet: The Why and the How 

Art: All About Process Over Product 

Octopus Art 

A Fourth of July Art Project 

Quick and Easy Father’s Day/Mother’s Day/Grandparent’s Day Crafts 

Backyard Exploration and An Art Project Too!

Sweet Little Flowers: A Birthday Party Centerpiece/Mother’s Day Gift  

Foot and Handprint Flowers 

Vegetable Stamping!

We’re Going on a Letter Hunt! 

Q: You have so many toys, how are you bored?? A: Unorganized play spaces. 

Early Childhood Literacy: Let the Child Lead 


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