At Home Rainy Day Fun by Me and Baby E, and 7 Ideas for Indoor Art and Play

So this past weekend on the Cape was less than awesome on the weather front. Gray with clouds and drizzle. Didn’t stop us from having a good time!

Whether you just need a day at home with no obligations, or your outdoor plans got waylaid by the weather, there are plenty of fun and enticing things for little ones that you can do with what you already have laying around the yard and the house. A little rain never hurt anyone, so if outdoor activities got cancelled or it’s just too wet for the beach or pool, have a play date and prepare to get wet and messy.

Break out the hose and go beyond the sprinkler. Even in rain this is fun!

Hose Fun Motor Skills

It might look like child’s play, but between squeezing the nozzle, directing the hose, and carrying it from place to place, there are a lot of fine and gross motor skills going on here.

HF followng Directions Slide

Add some direction with intentional spraying, like “Let’s make a waterslide and see how the water flows!”…

HF Following Directions Wagon


or, “Let’s fill the wagon, I wonder how long it will take?” and you’ve got a game and exploration activity all in one.

For at home days, art is always a fun option, but clean up can be a hassle. Take the art outside and leave the clean up to the kiddie pool, or the rain.

Outdoor Paining And finger Painting

Let the paint land where it may…

Watching the Paint Disperse jpg

including the kiddie pool where little ones can see what happens when their big globs of paint hit the water. Here’s E’s latest lesson in dilution.

Got some outdoor furniture cleaning to do? Show me the kid who doesn’t love a tub of soapy suds, mild detergent of course!

Furtniture Cleaning Keep

 For a really rainy day, where outdoor play is a no-go:

  • Check out local libraries for story hours, and gyms in the area for indoor play spaces or pools you can pay to use.
  • Have an indoor picnic.
  • Break out the DVDs and popcorn, and make an impromptu movie night.
  • Collect items around the house that make different noises (like plastic cups, pans, spoons) and play along to favorite songs.
  • Make a mural! Painting on the wall us usually a no go, but put some big sheets of paper up and have at it!
  • Musical chairs: an oldie but a goodie. Take the competitive spirit out of it and make it into a stop and start game for little ones: Run around the chairs when the music is on, and stop and sit as soon as the music stops.
  • Upcycle magazines and catalogs into collages. Have kids choose and, depending on their age, cut out (or you cut out) favorite images and glue them onto paper. Make it into a theme, or even a permanent piece of art with a hard surface and some Mod Podge.

Happy Rainy Day Playing!


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