Extending the Play and Explorations with Art

It is awesome to see your children, either your own or those you care for, fully engaged in play or exploring their environment. They are tuned in and loving every minute of it. Keep the play and exploration going with a themed art project.

We’ve been at my in-laws since Friday night house hunting for a place in VA, our next Duty Station with the Coast Guard. The weather had been gloriously warm and as such E and the fam have been enjoying lots of outside time.

Not only has this been the first time since she’s been walking that she’s been able to really explore outside, but it’s also a new and exciting place to explore. Each morning and afternoon we’ve been spending time taking walks around the neighborhood, which includes some friendly horses (of which E was not a fan).

Exploring Collage 1 .jpg

Far left: The bark mulch under the young willow tree was mesmerizing, lots of textures to play with. Center: From the mini slide to the grass, the yard was endless fun. Far right: The horses were friendly, but not such a hit with E!

E also loved playing with the gravel stones along the driveway, rearranging them into new piles and arrangements.

To keep the focus on all that she had seen and touched in her new surroundings, we made a collage out of the things I had helped her gather that she was really enamored by:

Bark mulch under the willow

The grass

The stones along the driveway

I added words describing what she had glued on.


Found Objects Collage







We used paper, glue, markers, and the things we had collected outside. I was surprised with how much she enjoyed the art project. She carefully placed each piece on and had fun sprinkling the grass and pressing it down. We were able to talk more about what she had found and liked, allowing for lots of descriptive language.

This is not only a great way to extend a fun time exploring a new area, but is also a great activity for rainy days. Have kids collect things they have found out and about, and when a rainy day hits, make collages,  paintings and sculptures using the items and as inspiration.

Have fun exploring, both outside and with art!

xoxoxo – Me and baby E


One thought on “Extending the Play and Explorations with Art

  1. Looks like a beautiful weekend. I love your project also. Thank you for sharing it on our Four Seasons Blog Hop. Pinning Now.

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