How to Make an Ocean in A Bottle

We’re not prone to buying bottled water or drinks in general, yet plastic bottles tend to find their way into our house each month. Ocean In a Bottle is a project you can do with those empty bottles, with infants (make it for them) or toddlers and preschoolers (make it with them!)

These bottles are fun for kids and babies alike as they can explore how water moves, how things can float in the water, and what it feels, looks and sounds like when you shake the bottle. If you have a baby and an older sibling, have your oldest make one for themselves and one for baby! Talk to your older kids about what we might find in the ocean, and ways we can keep the ocean clean. With Summer approaching quickly water play and talking about beaches and oceans are great activities for your little ones! This is also a great way for older kids to learn about reusing and upcycling things we might otherwise recycle or throw away.

1. Start with an empty plastic bottle, label cut off. Using a funnel fill up the bottle half way with equal parts water and oil.



2. Add 7 drops of blue food coloring. It’s really cool to watch the food coloring go through the oil as tiny blue bubbles, then hit the water and swirl all around!



3. The blue water separates from the oil, allowing the movement of the water to be better seen.



4. You can add tiny sea shells, some sand, or glitter and metallic confetti to the bottle.

5. Close the bottle tightly. To really secure it, use a hot glue gun to glue the cap on or use duct tape.


6. Let the learning begin!


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