Vacation Inspired Daytime to Evening Looks

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Head Photo for Daytime to Evening Vaca Wear

Is there anything better in the world than a day at the beach or relaxing by the shore followed by a great night out? That’s a rhetorical question. Clearly the answer is a definitive “no”.

Most of us don’t live oceanside, and so instead pack our bags and head that way come Summer. Styling ourselves while on vaca for nights out can be tricky, what with the rush of unpacking beach bags (or shopping bags), de-sanding the kiddos (and ourselves) and getting ready for an evening out with far fewer options and time than at home. Aside from packing your whole closet, how can you simplify this process? Just add some accessories (any of my regular readers have caught on by now that I love me some accessories) to your daytime attire and you’re ready to go!

But wait. What about the whole…post beach showering thing??

If you’re at the beach, take the salty beach air and ocean water and use it to your advantage. You know how they sell all of those really expensive sprays full of salt water to give your tresses that beachy look? Ya, you’ve got that. From the beach. Give yourself a rinse from the neck down and touch up your makeup if needed (I’ve linked below to a tutorial on minimalist makeup and one on waterproof eye wear. OBX and Cape Cod ocean waves tested and all). Turn your head upside down, tousle your hair and spray if desired. DON’T brush it. Those sun kissed and wind blown waves will be ruined.

Foundation for All Weather

Waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara: If You Can Color in a Coloring Book You Can Apply It! 

With all of that said, here are two easy and comfortable looks you can take from day to night with ease, one for a day at the beach, the other for a day of exploring and shopping.

For the Beach to Evening Out 

Daytime beach dress with hat .jpg

Choose a flowing mod inspired frock for your beach cover up to make for an easy day to night transition. I found this one for little money at Ross. On a side note, if you live in an area with a Ross, I highly suggest you hit them up for dresses and, surprisingly, bras. Great brands at unbelievable prices. The inside of the store looks a bit like a Goodwill, it’s very bare bones, but don’t be fooled: it’s a goldmine.

Take off the hat and add a statement necklace, earrings and wedges…

Evening beach dress.jpg

And you’re ready for a night out!

In real life…

Beach Dress Goes Out on Datenight

Jer and I on a date night in the OBX. Tested and approved.

For those on-shore days full of decadent treats and shopping, I opt for my Summertime pencil skirt stand-in: The black satin sheen shorts. They are as versatile as the pencil skirt (read pack less and still look fabulous) but far more useful during the hot and humid days of Summer. As an added bonus, unlike a short skirt (the other option to replace the pencil skirt), us moms who are bending over non-stop for our little ones won’t be unknowingly showing any tush.

Shorts and Box Top Day Front .jpg

A flowing boxy top is comfortable in any weather, and flattering on all figures to boot. Opt for one that’s longer in the back, it won’t billow like other styles will.

Daytime Sorts and Shirt Side View .jpg

See? No billowing.

Nighttime shorts and shirt, shopwing off earrings.jpg

Trade the flip-flops for some wedges, the watch for mixed metal bangles, add a long pendent, and voila! Ready for a night out.

Evening Shorts and Shirt, wind blowing necklace holding it down.jpg

Fear not the boxy top. It was a bit windy when we did this shoot, and between the pendant and the long back, still no billowing.

When it comes to beach and resort wear, think casual. Although these evening looks aren’t what I’d don in NYC, they certainly fit the bill for a relaxing night out by the shore.

For both of these looks, the items are some of my tried and true favorites.

Like I said for the dress, check our Ross or TJ Maxx/Marshall’s.

The top is from Kohl’s, their Dana Buchman line. Although typically business casual, this line has some gems. Grab them on clearance whenever possible!

The shorts are from The Limited, though Express often has a pair like it every Spring and Summer. Both pairs of wedges were fabulous finds at Marshall’s: Coach and Nine West, both under $30! Scour often and score big. For my accessories, Premier Designs is my go-to destination. On-trend styles, the personal touch of a consultant, great prices and even better hostess deals.

Pack less and look even more amazing on your next trip, and may it be one on the shoreline!

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