Stack ‘Em Up! How to Save at CVS and Target, Two of My Personal Favorites

Savings Dork

Yup, I am a huge dork, this is me with my receipts from CVS and Target celebrating today’s savings of over $30 on everyday items. Woot woot! Notice my crazy eyes?? I just finished filming my Eyeliner Tutorial for Five Minutes for Mom, one is dramatic and smokey, one everyday friendly, both are coming your way tomorrow!

Back to the savings. So to give you an idea of what I mean by everyday items I saved on, here are some highlights:

EAS Protein Powder, Full Price $19.99, My Price: $13.49

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant (yup, I’m a sweaty beast), Full Price $8.99, My Price: $3.99

Razors, Full Price $10.49, My Price: $6.49

Best part? None of these items were on super sale, so no waiting for a sale day to save. Target and CVS give you great opportunities to stack up multiple savings and make your own sales.  Here’s How:


  • Manufacturer Coupons
  • Coupons from
  • The Cartwheel App (download in the App store for free. It has multiple “coupons” you can collect via the App. The cashier scans your phone at the end of your order. The more you use it the more savings you unlock!)

Target allows you to use one or all three avenues of saving on any item of your choice, including sale items. Check out their weekly ad on and stack up coupons and Cartwheel savings where applicable. Even if the items you need aren’t on sale that week, you may still be able to save with multiple coupons and Cartwheel.


  • Use your CVS ExtraCare Card for cardholder savings. Check out their weekly ad on
  • Scan your ExtraCare card at the coupon station inside your CVS for extra offers
  • Combine ExtraCare savings and coupons, including “ExtraCare Bucks” (basically a gift card to CVS for a specific dollar amount that you receive for purchasing specific items) with manufacturers coupons.

So clearly this takes a bit of planning in advance, but there are people who have done all the work for you, like Ryan and Rachel at Simply check out what deals are available and combine whatever coupons you have.

If you’re like me and are running errands with your little people in tow, being ready and organized is key to remembering everything on your list, as well as the coupons and the App scan for Target. The quicker the better during check out, when the bananas on the belt look oh so yummy that we must climb out of the cart to get to them.

This is my system:

Coupon Holder


Shockingly it’s pink! I actually found this in the dollar section at Target. I have a list for each store, along with its respective coupons. Checkout is easy as everything is ready at my fingertips when needed. Like I said, it takes a little planning, but on average between CVS, Target, and matching sales with coupons at the grocery store I save around $50 per week. That’s $2500  year on items we need and use regularly. I think it’s worth the 15 or so minutes a week.

I’d love to hear how you are saving and organizing the errands, I’m always up for new ideas!


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